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Caregiver Course Modules

We are dealing with LIFE here…

Live-in Caregiver Program
This is an Overview about Canada in general. This will also give the trainees more information about Live-in Caregiver Program.

Personality Development and Effective Communication
This module is designed in a way that trainees will further enhance their personalities when it comes to dealing with people. This will help them build a respectable character to help them become reliable and trustworthy in the eyes of the patients.

Basic Health Care Procedures 1
This module deals with the foundational skills and techniques of a health care provider. Different approaches will be used to ensure that the students fully understand and master the performance of skills presented. Rationale during demonstration will be provided to let students understand the reason for that specific action.

Basic Health Care Procedures 2
Topics covered are more on PT aspects. The emphasis is more on promoting a safe working environment both for caregiver and the patient. Prevention of secondary complications and untoward incidents, progression of a disease and promotion of relaxation are also part of this module.

Infant and Child Care
Child psychology is incorporated to be able to effectively manage difficult or challenging behaviors as well as understand the rationale for that such behavior. Techniques on how to put a baby to sleep, how to respond to different types of cries, how to make a toddler listen and behave, are just the few things that a trainee will learn from this module.

Geriatric Care
This module includes normal changes associated with aging process, the difficulties encountered by the elderly while coping with these changes, and taking care of sick patients.

Disabilities and Special Needs
This module is especially designed to give the trainees basic knowledge about the common diseases or conditions, its signs and symptoms, and the appropriate treatments. It includes diseases affecting different systems of the body. Strategies and lifestyle modifications are also included to teach the patients how to become functional despite their disabilities.

Basic Emergency Care
This comprehensive module will make the trainees understand, identify and respond to different medical emergencies. They are simple enough to make everybody understand even those who having no medical background; and concise enough to learn most of the techniques used in saving lives.

Home management and Nutrition
This module will be the bread and butter of the Live-in Caregivers. Although most of the topics are practical, proper techniques and procedures will be taught to further improve their skills.


Caregiver Course Outline

► Total number of training hours : 900 hours

► Training duration for a batch: 30 weeks

► On- the- Job Training : 80 hours

► First Aid Training



► Preparation for the TESDA Competency Exam

► English as the medium of instruction